Leadtech LT710


LT710 inkjet printer is specifically designed to meet basic coding and production application across a wide range of industries. It provides an extremely user-friendly interface and is noted for improving production efficiency and offering cost savings.

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Easy to use
• Easy-to-use system orperation. Short training time. Integrated design to simplify replacement parts and make it recover rapidly from downtime.
Excellent Stability
• Integrated ink-control system to meet a variety of work environments and the speeds of precise font print. can still print after long prolonged shutdown
• Can still print after long prolonged shutdown
Design Advantages
• Ultra-quiet operation that reduces noise pollution in the workplace.
• IP 55 dust-proof.

Intelligent cartridge
• Intelligent ink cartridge and solvent system, which has default alarm if inserting cartridges wrongly.
• High-performance inks are designed for current applications and production environment.
• Efficient use of consumables to achieve cost savings.
The innovation of nozzle
• The new automatic cleaning function effectively reduces the nozzle clogging, allowing the printer to run longer.
• Advanced coding efficiency.
• Personalized human-machine interface and one-click auto switch.


Printing Performance - 1-3 lines (7X5matrix)
- 1-4 lines (5X5matrix)
- Maximum speed = 450m/min@5X5
Font Matrix - 5X5, 7X5, 9X7, 12X9, 16X11, 19X14, 24X17, 32X22
Character Height - 1-12mm, depending on the font
Printing Distance - 2mm to 20mm
- Best: 10mm
Inkjet character - English, Arabic numbers, bar code, serial number,
automatic date, use-defined characters, special logo
Extra Memory - SD Card
Memory space - 68 messages + 50 Logo
Industrial protection - IP55
Nozzle - 60 microns
Umbilical length - Super soft, length 3m
Printing Direction - 360° all-round printing
Cartridge volume - Ink (500ml)
- Make-up(750ml)
Temperature/Humidity range - 0-45°C
- 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Power - AC100-240V 50/60Hz
- 60VA
Net Weight - 17 KG
Dimension - 410X330X445mm


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